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Stealing from the Cookie Jar

Updated: May 29, 2021

When I say stealing from the Cookie Jar, This is what I'm Talking about.

Practice What You Preach.....Some of my clients often ask me about my past basketball history or even question my resume because I don't have a lot of old High School or College YouTube videos. Some Athletes are even bold enough and may want to try me and that's when i bussed them up. Lol, of course I'm teaching while I'm winning. Not to long ago I happen to find some old Magazines that I graced the Cover of. Who knew I would have to use these to show Athletes how coach got done. This was a great time in life, I was 110% in tip top shape and I was constantly stilling cookies from the cookie jar. The Picture above is exactly what I teach my Athletes where i teach them to get them cookies and to leave it hanging. This Photo is Courtesy of Lee College in Cleveland, TN 2006

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