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Up Next Elite Camp, a significant event held on August 19th and 20th in the vibrant city of New Orleans. This camp has emerged as a critical addition to the state of Louisiana, addressing a need that has long been evident and well-deserved. The visionary team behind this initiative possesses a profound understanding of the broader implications, as it places Louisiana squarely in the spotlight.

What truly stood out during this event was the remarkable assembly of seasoned coaches, each with a wealth of experience, converging under one roof. This collective knowledge and expertise were nothing short of extraordinary.

The young participants were provided a unique and invaluable opportunity to gain insights from some of the most accomplished figures in the basketball world. Esteemed individuals such as Greg Monroe, CJ McCullum, Jose Alvarado, Tee Morant, Trey Murphy, Herb Jones, and Elfrid Payton graced the event with their presence, sharing their extensive knowledge and experiences with the aspiring athletes.

Here at OBE, we find immense satisfaction in contributing to endeavors that extend beyond our company's boundaries. Our involvement in such initiatives aligns seamlessly with our commitment to enhancing the state of Louisiana and its basketball community. Count us in, as we eagerly embrace the opportunity to participate and support this noble cause.

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