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OBE Chronicles with Phil Handy and the 94 Sweat Camp

This summer, OBE unleashed a whirlwind of basketball brilliance as they sent Coach O to the City of Angels. What was in store? An electrifying experience at the Sweat 94 Camp event alongside none other than the legendary 3-time World Champion Assistant Coach, Phil Handy. But that's just the beginning of this epic tale.

Candice Wiggins (2011 WNBA Champion with the Minnesota Lynx)

JuJu Watkins (USC Star Guard)

Ganon Baker (Professional Basketball Trainer)

Derek Fisher (5X NBA Champion)

Imagine this: Hall of Famer Teresa Weatherspoon, the unstoppable WNBA Champion Candice Wiggins, the iconic World Champion Point Guard Derek Fisher, the unparalleled Ganon Baker, the mastermind James Clark – and the star-studded list goes on. These luminaries converged in LA, creating a Coaches basketball dream team like no other. But here's the twist – it wasn't just about the pros.

Coaches from every corner of the globe descended upon the scene, united by a common mission: nurturing the extraordinary talent of young ladies. They brought their wisdom, passion, and unique insights, igniting the court with an electrifying energy.

OBE extends its heartfelt gratitude to Coach Phil Handy and his exceptional team for their boundless hospitality. They welcomed OBE with open arms into the 94 Feet and Deuce Family, solidifying this remarkable journey as a viral sensation for basketball enthusiasts worldwide. 🏀🔥 #OBEHoopsLA #BasketballLegends

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