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Gonzales City League-Wet cement, installing good habits. 6-7 year olds

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

The 2021 basketball season was an opportunity for people to have a sense of normalcy by getting back to the regular way of life; this is what really pulled me back into the basketball world. For years, I’ve played the side lines by mentoring and giving advice to local players and kids I come across in the local parks in the area. This season was my son’s, Lil O’, first season playing organized basketball and my main concern was making sure he had a coach who would teach the basic fundamentals. After getting more involved with my son’s team in practice and helping out with his team, I found there was a great need to educate and teach as many kids that wanted to possibly learn to play the game the right way. This is what ultimately led to the birth of OBE. My philosophy is that it’s better to train a child at a young age and to instill good habits than to re-teach him years later after he has developed bad habits. I called this philosophy "Wet Cement vs Hard Concrete." These kids I coached were eager to learn and prove to us coaches that they were really listening to our instructions and wanted to get better. I volunteered and coached 3 teams across various age divisions and I loved every bit of it. Make sure you Check out the Youtube Below and Subscribe, Share and Like.

Teaching the Kids to fish, instead of giving them fish to Eat

Still Teaching Basic Fundamentals and Developing our youth. 2021 8-9 yr Old City League

These kids are so far ahead of their time, I really Enjoyed my time with them. I learned so much being around their infectious spirit. Check out the Youtube below and make sure you Subscribe, Like and Share

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